Moving One Thousand Miles Away from Home

Right now I am living in my childhood home with my parents, older brother, and three dogs. As much as I love their company, it’s time for me to start preparing myself to move out. My boyfriend and I have been together for five years now and we have been talking about moving in together. We both grew up in New York and have family here, but we are considering getting out of the Empire State. Don’t get me wrong, New York is great, we just want to move somewhere new, and definitely warmer.

What do we have to do in order to make this happen?

Save Money

I think it would be smart, and safe, to have a good amount of money in savings before we make our move. I would like to have at least six months of living expenses in the bank, although I would definitely prefer to have an entire year’s worth. I’m the type of person who likes to be prepared for any situation; losing a job, medical emergency, car trouble you name it. I want to be able to afford any situation that arises, but not have it affect me paying my bills on time or having food on my table. We can’t predict the future, but we can at least plan, and prepare ahead of time to make sure that we are set up comfortably.

Make a Budget & Pay off Credit Card Debt

This is probably the most important part of our plan to move to Florida. We made a budget and are going to implement it starting this month, February 2020. The point of the budget was to be smarter with our money. We figured out how much money we have coming in and how much going out. So with that being said, we canceled any unnecessary monthly subscriptions, we decided to only eat in at home and to only spend money on the necessities. The rest would go towards savings. Also, we both have some credit cards that we would like to have paid off in full by the time we move out that way we would have fewer bills to worry about. Plus it would help improve our credit scores so when we start looking for a place credit won’t be an issue.

Visit Florida

Moving from one state to another is a big adjustment. We want to make sure we like the area we are going to be moving to. So we plan to make a few trips down there this year to sightsee and figure out which area we like best. Dave does have family in a few different parts of Florida, so we will definitely look in those places first. Other than that I’m going to be doing some research online to see what areas are best and safe for young adults and families cause we do plan to grow our family in the future! But let’s just take this one step at a time.

Find an Apartment

I already know that this will be my favorite part of the whole process, looking for an apartment. It’s not ideal to rent, I rather invest my money in a house, but since we are going to be new Florida residents I wouldn’t want to be committed to an area that we haven’t experienced living in yet just in case we end up hating it there. I’d like the option to live in different towns to see what area we both fall in love with. So renting is the best option for us at the moment.

We have a lot of work to do to make this happen but we are both extremely determined and have our minds set on this move. It’s also something that is going to take time so we aren’t going to rush ourselves. We’re going to take our time and build up our savings, and just keep progressing each day until we feel we are ready. We’re hoping that by the end of 2020 or January 2021 we will be there already. Only time will tell!


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