5 Fun Things to do on Valentines Day

My boyfriend and I have been together for five years now and each year we celebrated Valentine’s Day differently. To me, it doesn’t really matter what you do for Valentine’s Day. Just as long as you’re spending it with the people you love. It’s a day to really express your love for one another and I’m not just talking about couples. You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s a day devoted to love. Not just couples. Your best friend can be your Valentine, your siblings or even parents.

I remember one Valentine’s Day growing up my dad picked me up from the bus stop after school. He surprised me with a new pink and red stuffed animal and candy. It was so sweet! I don’t know who decided to link this holiday with candy, but I am NOT complaining. It’s literally the only time I let myself indulge in Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Those are my absolute favorite! Skip the giant candy heart with assorted chocolates. Those are the worst. 90% of the time you only like 2 flavors and the rest just goes to the trash. It’s really just a waste. 

Anyways, my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our sixth Valentine’s Day together this year. Over the years I’ve really enjoyed the low key things we did. I’m not 100% sure what we will be doing this year but without further ado here are 5 Fun Things to Do for Valentine’s Day.

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The Movies

This is a nice and lowkey kind of date idea but it’s also one that can’t go wrong. Just don’t take her to see Dead Pool. Yeah, not the greatest idea. Unless you’re my boyfriend back in 2016 because that is exactly the movie he took me to see. I kid you not. Yet it was a Valentine’s Day I will never forget. Dead Pool is a great movie that I definitely enjoyed. After the movie, we were both cracking up in the car because we just spent Valentine’s Day watching THAT move. Of all movies that were playing, we chose the violent, gory, sarcastic asshole one. Don’t get me wrong, I am not upset about it. I loved it!!! Like I said my boyfriend and I have celebrated five Valentine’s Days and I only remember three of them. So hey it may not have been the most romantic but it was definitely one I won’t ever forget.

Dinner for two

Everybody’s gotta eat! This is the perfect date idea and odds are most girls want you to take them to dinner. We love a reason to get extra dressed up, put some curls in our hair and wear our favorite red lipstick. Keep in mind that most restaurants will be packed for Valentine’s Day so make sure you do your research and plan ahead; make your reservations in advance! Otherwise, things can get a little challenging last minute.

DIY Date Night In

Here’s a Valentine’s Day date where you can be creative and have fun. Our first Valentine’s Day together we stayed in. I made us a nice dinner and then for dessert I set up an indoor campfire where we roasted marshmallows and made some smores! It was so fun. I got this small black ceramic plate from Target and lit three tea lights and we used that to roast the marshmallows. He decorated the room all romantic with lights and flowers and it was so magical. Honestly, it’s my favorite Valentine’s Day yet. That was our very first and my all-time favorite! Also, something to keep in mind is that as cute as an idea was to roast the marshmallows over tea light candles..it took FOREVER so if you plan to repeat something like this do some research for something that will roast the mallows quicker.

If you’re wondering how I came up with the idea of indoor smores, it was when I was at Target. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to get really cute sentimental cards for all occasions. So when I was at Target I saw the cutest Valentine’s Day card with smores on it. It was red with a picture of a really cute smore on it and the marshmallow had the sweetest face on it. ON the inside it said “I Love you Smore Ever day! Happy Valentines Day!” of course, I had to get it. And duh I had to plan my night all around it with the theme of smores! LOL

Go Bowling!

If you’re the type of people who like to be active and have competition then I’d say go bowling! Plus this one can be couple friendly, friends friendly or family-friendly. Like I said earlier Valentine’s Day is not only for the couples. So grab a group of people you love and have a great time together throwing strikes down the alley! I am not the best bowler but I do find it so much fun. A while ago when I went bowling I had quite an embarrassing experience. As I let go of my ball it got stuck on my thumb and ended up going in the stranger’s lane next to us. It was so embarrassing. I always tell people that at least I got him a strike, but that’s a lie. I most certainly did not get a strike on that shot. All I got was extremely embarrassed. But hey, I still love to go bowling!

Walk Around NYC

There are so many fun things to do in New York City. One of my favorites is going to Top of the Rock. Now my boyfriend is not the biggest fan of heights but even he loved this date. Of course he would, he planned it. Last year on Valentine’s Day he surprised me with a trip to NYC. The first stop was a nice little bakery where we got some hot chocolate and donuts to eat as we headed to Top of The Rock in Manhattan. If you have never been there before, definitely add it to your bucket list of places to travel to. It is absolutely beautiful! We were there pretty late so it was dark and let me tell you New York City is all lit up at night time. It is beyond breathtaking. It was so romantic. One of my favorite dates yet.


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