Getting Rid of Old Clothes & Building a New Wardrobe

Am I the only one who feels like I wear the same things all the time? feel like I never have any clothes to wear yet my laundry basket is always full by the end of the week. So it must be true, I must have more than just the one pair of jeans that I feel Ike I wear all the time.

Before stocking up on new clothes you should get rid of the ones that have little to no use and are just taking up space in your closet. My mom works in a hospital so a lot of the time clothes that I don’t wear that are in good condition she gives away to the patients that need clothes. 

How to decide what clothes to get rid of? 

For starters, if you hang your clothes in a closet there’s a trick where you hang your hangers backward. That way when you wear an item you turn the hanger back to normal. Over time you will notice some of the hangers are still facing the other direction because they didn’t get any use at all and odds are you won’t miss them if they’re gone. Those will be your first items to go to the donation pile.  

Are these clothes age-appropriate?

The next clothes that I toss are usually the ones that I feel are immature. I’m twenty-four and I definitely still have articles of clothing from my middle and high school days. How embarrassing. Truth be told, I’m not getting much wear out of them anymore. Some other young teen can benefit from them rather than just taking up space in my closet. Let’s be honest, I am absolutely not the same size as I was back then. It’s pretty foolish to think to save these clothes in hopes that I will fit into them again one day. I mean that’s definitely the reason why I still have these size 0 Hollister jeans…time to face reality I am not going to be a size 0 ever again. Accept it lol. 

Are these clothes in good condition?

You don’t want to be the person wearing the white shirt with the yellow pit stains or red wine stain on it. No matter how big or small if there’s a bad stain on your top or pants just get rid of it. I find it so frustrating grabbing a shirt off the hanger and getting dressed only to see a big ole stain when I look in the mirror. It’s not cute. There’s no reason to be attached to that stained piece of fabric. Unless you’re absolutely sure you can get the stain out, it’s not worth keeping. And don’t even get me started if there’s a hole! If it’s broken and can’t be fixed then there is no reason to keep it. Move along. 

Do you even like this piece of clothing?

This is probably the most important thing to ask yourself when you’re getting rid of your clothes. Do you like it? Is that shirt with all the ruffles that was super trendy two years ago really something that you’d wear today? Or how about those super crazy patterned pants that you wore to a music festival once upon a time ago? If you don’t like it, you’re obviously not going to want to wear it. If you’re not wearing it then you should at least donate it to someone who will. 

Something very important to consider before cleaning out your dressers and closets 

Now as much as we would all love a brand new wardrobe, they take time and money to establish. It’s not like we can just pick out everything we want and buy it right then and there. I mean, I personally can’t, but if you can props to you! So before you get rid of some good clothing pieces just take into consideration that you won’t be able to replace it right away. And if you feel that you can handle a smaller wardrobe until you have enough money to invest in new pieces then just go for it.  We just want to avoid not having enough things to wear because we got rid of it too quickly. I remember I went on a closest purge a long time ago and I was looking for something then I remember I got rid of it. That wasn’t a fun thing. 

Now that we have donated our clothes we no longer need it’s finally time to build your new wardrobe 

What style are you going for?

Do you have a particular style in mind? Do you gravitate towards boho pieces or edgy? I personally love a simple and neutral style. Tons of beiges, whites, and grays! As for bottoms I tend to wear leggings nearly all the time. If I’m not wearing leggings then you’ll definitely find me in a stretchy pair of skinny jeans. My favorite stores for jeans are American Eagle and Express. The quality is amazing and you can always find a great deal on them at both shops. I wouldn’t recommend buying a pair at full price because they literally are always on sale. Especially at Express. Full price jeans at Express start at $88. That’s a lot for one item. Express always has 40% off deals and even sometimes marks certain styles of jeans at $25. So if you have your eyes on their jeans just wait until they go on sale. Don’t worry, they WILL. 

Buy clothes that make you feel good and confident 

I cannot stress this point enough. It is so important to wear something that you’re comfortable in. You make love the look of a dress on your favorite fashion blogger, but if you buy it and feel super uncomfortable just return and get something else instead. Buy pieces that you feel like your best self. Something you can strut around in and makes you feel so much confident! Walking around with confidence is such an attractive feature on everyone.

Quality Over Quantity 

It may be tempting to just buy a whole bunch of clothes at a time because of the price tag. But as I get old I have realized that it’s better to buy one or two quality pieces rather than 10 cheap T-shirts. The cheap clothes are more likely to show wear and tear really fast. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get at least 3-5 uses of it. But odds are the more you wash it the more it’ll lose its appeal. If you see that you are always wearing jeans or certain shirts then invest in a high-quality one. We all love our cozy clothes and yes we can just buy any pair of sweat pants maybe even a $10 pair from Walmart. As an adult, your body is not growing anymore. It’s okay to spend a little extra on things because you’re not going to grow out of it by the end of the year. It will most likely be nicer looking and with better material and you will get more use out of it. 

When is it ok to buy the cheap clothes vs the high end

Now as I previously said that it’s usually better to invest in higher quality clothes, there are some exceptions where buying cheap clothes is better. That is when it comes to trends! Trends come and go quite often so splurging on an item that’s trendy now won’t always be the best investment. Another situation where you should opt for something less expensive is if the activity you’re doing will end up in ruining your clothes. Painting your bedroom…bathing your dog…cleaning your bathroom. You most certainly do not want to get bleach on your lululemon black leggings. Trust me you will be devastated.

There are tons of things to take into consideration when building a new wardrobe. Of course, the list can just keep going on and on. But I hope you found these few tips helpful and that you build yourself the best wardrobe you have ever had! I know I sure plan to.


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