4 Tips for Staying Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

You just walked in through the door after what felt like a never-ending shift at work. That bag of chips on the counter is just calling your name. The living room couch is empty, perfect! Now you can sit back and watch some uninterrupted TV.

But is that really what you should be doing right now? Is this really the best way to spend your free time? To me, it sounds like the perfect way to waste it. That’s the easy habit to catch yourself falling into. The bad habit that can cause your life to feel so boring and dull; lacking luster.

Don’t do it. It’s a trap! Do not let yourself fall into these bad habits. Do all you can to fight these urges.

Here are seven tips that you must incorporate into your life to help you stay motivated when you really don’t feel like doing anything at all.

1. Make a Dream Board

Remember those collages you used to make back in elementary school? Well, picture one of those covered in pictures of all the things you want to accomplish. Now take that piece of art and hang it up! Hang it at eye level somewhere you will always see it. Next to your mirror, in your closet, behind your bedroom door. Anywhere that will catch your eye so every time you pass it will be a reminder of why you are working so hard. It’s a great way to help keep you motivated throughout the day. Especially the rough days where you just don’t want to do anything.

A dream board can be as big as a poster or small like printer paper. You can even make a digital dream board. I made mine on my computer and downloaded it and saved it as a photo on my iPhone. I always have my phone on me. Always! So it’s easy for me to be constantly looking at it to remind myself of why I am working so hard to achieve my goals. The point of it is just a way to grab your attention and motivate you to keep going, no matter how hard things get, persevere. Plus if you opt to do a poster-sized dream board you can really go all out with the crafts and make it cute!

2. Be Positive and Optimistic

A positive mindset will definitely help keep you motivated in order to achieve your dreams. Ideally, a more hopeful and confident view of life, being more optimistic. It’s completely normal to have moments where we feel down and negative. When you find yourself feeling that way try to come up with some methods that may help you be more positive and optimistic! Some ways could be going for a walk to clear your head, meditation, or even taking a bath.

3. Make Checkpoints

When you have a dream it is a great idea to map out a plan in order to achieve it. So take the time to think about what would be the best method to achieve that dream. What other goals might help you get there? I like to take things one step at a time. In the past, I have tried to set goals and I feel like I was always trying to rush to the end. I realized there a lot of steps. So in order to slow myself down, I planned out a lot of smaller goals that I could try to achieve along the way. This was helpful in ensuring that I was always making progress. The reality is that the things that are the most worth it in life don’t always have a quick route. Working hard and chipping away is a part of the process and its good to make sure that you’re always moving along, even if the steps are small.

4. Make Time!

This one sort of piggy-backs off the one above it but planning out time to work on things you want to do is very important. Working full time and going to school has a way of taking over a day, but regardless, I make sure that I get a chance to do the things that I want to do, even if it’s only for 15-20 minutes. For me making time to exercise and write are two things I try to plan time for every day. I find that taking a few minutes to figure out how I think my day will go is an important step to ensuring that I take care of some things I want to do. Planning out specific time slots and doing your best to stick to them is massive. For example, I’ve dedicated from about 10 to 10:30 every night to make sure I sit down and write a little bit. On the surface, 30 minutes doesn’t sound like much but the results will show otherwise. This could potentially hold true to whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish. Make time!


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