EDLD 5302 / EDLD 5304 -Fall 2022

Contribution to Learning and Learning Community

Carl Dickerson 

EDLD 5302 & EDLD 5304 Fall 2022

Lamar University


EDLD 5302 Score: 80

EDLD 5304 Score: 80

It amazes me that we can learn so much in such a short amount of time. I learned many valuable skills and strategies from both EDLD 5302 AND 5304 that will help me reach success in my innovation plan.

Although I was not able to attend every single class online live due to my work schedule, I was able to follow along easily with the recordings. I am thankful that they were posted in such a timely manner. When I was able to attend the live sessions, I enjoyed the many opportunities the professors allowed us to collaborate and discuss various topics assigned. After taking the first set of courses, I was able to explore more of the resources available to us, including so many of Dr. Harapnuik’s samples, videos, and more, all linked to our modules and assignments. My collaborative group members were Stephanie Wells, Shannon Frazier, and Jose Velarde. These amazing members were very motivating and a pleasure to work with. We were able to share ideas, get feedback on assignments, and kept ourselves on track mostly through a text thread. I also joined a text thread group with members in various stages of the program. At first, I thought this would be hard to follow, but it actually gave me insight into assignments coming in future courses, and had me reflect on past assignments that others were working on and sometimes went back to those previous assignments and updated them. It was very helpful to be able to collaborate with all of these members working towards one goal, reaching the end of the program and creating a successful ePortfolio. I am looking forward to working with both groups in the future courses.

My contribution to learning through the classroom modules was pretty consistent. I not only posted my thoughts, but I would also go back and revisit the modules to read other students’ posts, giving feedback and creating cooperative relationships. I reflected on my assignments, and made the necessary changes when advised. I completed all modules and oftentimes, revisited them to help me get through assignments. Towards the end of the courses though, work did get very intense, and I got a week behind, but was able to get back on track and finish. I did create my website early on, and am slowly learning to share more and post on my blog.

Even though I kept up with all readings, videos and assignments, I feel I still need to work on making sure to use the resources for communication with my collaborative group through Blackboard. We were comfortable enough with each other that we texted back and forth and through email, not using Blackboard’s resources fully. I’m just not fluent enough with Blackboard to find everything available to me, and sometimes get overwhelmed with the dozens of notifications I receive on there. So, that’s my major flaw and something I need to figure out.

Looking back at both courses, I believe my score should be an 80 for EDLD 5302 and 80 for EDLD 5304. I did meet all key contributions, but I feel I need to work on collaborating more on Blackboard groups and making sure my workload doesn’t cause me to get behind on my classload.

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