5389/5313- Contribution to Learning and Learning Community

Carl Dickerson
Lamar University 

EDLD 5389
score: 85
EDLD 5313
score: 85

In such a short period of time, I was able to learn so much about designing effective Professional Learning and creating Significant Learning Environments. I have not taken a college course in more than 22 years and was immersed in the Masters program at Lamar University. The many resources and thorough classroom modules helped me to gain the knowledge I need to be successful in my innovation project. These two classes were perfectly matched and the assignments complimented each other very well.

Although I was not able to attend the classes online live due to my work schedule, I was able to follow along easily with the recordings and loved that I could replay them when needed. I have acquired an amazing team of students in the program that are just a text away from any questions I may have. I also joined a text thread group with members in various stages of the program. These amazing members were very motivating and had important insight into the assignments. We were able to share ideas, get feedback on assignments, and kept ourselves on track mostly through a text thread. Working with students in various stages of the program actually gave me insight into assignments coming in future courses, and had me reflect on past assignments that others were working on and sometimes went back to those previous assignments and updated them. It was very helpful to be able to collaborate with all of these members working towards one goal, reaching the end of the program and creating a successful ePortfolio. I am looking forward to working with this group in the future courses. Being able to bounce ideas off of peers in the same position as you has been so beneficial to my motivation and process. It allows for constant reflection and the collaboration I’m involved in, drives home the ideas that we are learning in these classes. My core collaboration team includes Stephanie Wells, Shannon Frazier, and Jose Velarde.

My contribution to learning through the classroom modules was pretty consistent. I not only posted my thoughts, but I would also go back and revisit the modules and discussions to read other students’ posts, giving feedback and creating cooperative relationships. I made sure to meet all deadlines, with the exception of I believe, one assignment that I submitted an hour or so late. I reflected on my assignments, and made the necessary changes when advised, including switching my slides to pdf format for easy viewing on my ePortfolio and adding links to a few of my assignments. I completed all modules and revisited them often to help me get through assignments.

Looking back at both courses, I believe my score should be an 85 for EDLD 5389 and 85 for EDLD 5313. I did meet all key contributions, but I feel I had a few bumps along the way, mainly due to some personal issues that I was having to deal with, I didn’t put my full attention to the little details.

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