5317- Resources for Digital Environments

This course allowed me to have the confidence in my knowledge to write for publication submission. I would never have thought I would be able to write an article that could be published in an educational magazine or journal. The resource readings were excellent confidence boosters. One thing I learned from the readings is, you don’t have to be an expert in the field you’re writing about, you just have to have that unique edge that will make readers want to read your article.

The first assignment in the course was to create a Publication Outline where I would plan out my article using a template and series of questions that helped me organize my thoughts. Doing this allowed me to figure out what I want my audience to learn and why it is so important that they learn this. After organizing the prominent information for my article and gathering sources, I wrote my Publication Rough Draft- ePortfolios In The Fine Arts Classroom: Mapping Out Your Students’ Creativity. It was a truly exciting feeling knowing that I was able to create something that could possibly help others in learning more about ePortfolios.

The media project was a unique but fun assignment that can be used to influence others to read my article. It also allowed me to discover new ways of creating content, including AI technology that I used to do the voiceover for my video.

Last, we were challenged to share our publication rough draft with peers to refine and revise areas of need. After sharing the article with teachers, and others that work in the fine arts, I revised a few areas of my article to formulate my final draft of my article.

The final step to success is getting my article published. I have reached out to a publication in hopes that they may use my article. I am hoping for a positive response soon. Either way, this course was a great learning experience and I am confident this will not be the last article I write.

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