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My Innovation Plan centers around the integration of ePortfolios in the elementary classroom, with a concentration on the new Fine Arts School in my district. To supplement the plan, I have written an article for possible publication that details what an ePortfolio is and steps for teachers to use to create standout ePortfolios with their students. Below is a infomercial created for promoting the article followed by a transcript of the video’s audio.

Publication Article: ePortfolios In the Fine Arts Classroom: Mapping Out Your Students’ Creativity

Teachers! Are you looking for ways to engage your students? Looking to create meaningful and authentic learning opportunities? As a fine arts teacher, I know there really aren’t a lot of resources out there to help us learn how to bring these opportunities to our classroom.
During the pandemic, we were thrown into the digital world where we liked it or not.
And really, it was the push the education system needed to shift in the right direction.
I’ve heard fellow teachers say, “I’m having a hard time getting my students excited about what we’re learning.”
Or, “How can I incorporate more technology into my lessons?”
The way students learn has evolved and changed drastically from the time we were in school. As educators, we must drive innovation and always be on top of ways to make our students more successful in their learning and throughout their lives.
The answer is simple!
Teachers can utilize these ePortfolios for assessment of student understanding, growth made, and get an understanding of what previous skills they may have. It also gives students a voice and allows them to express themselves freely by giving them the independence to choose what they share on their ePortfolios. Kids today are so in tune with current trends, technology and creating media. Imagine giving them the opportunity to use those skills to create their own online portfolios that will allow them to reflect back on and recognize how they’ve grown in their learning.
It’s really a NO BRAINER!
With my article, “ePortfolios In the Fine Arts Classroom: Mapping Out Your Students’ Creativity”, you will learn the basics of an EPortfolio and how you can use simple tools such as Google Sites, Slides and Docs to create eye catching, standout EPortfolios that students can use throughout their academic careers and help them land those “dream” jobs.
EPortfolios ENGAGE, EMPOWER, and IGNITE, and what better foundation for them, starting them on their journey to success, with…

Video created using: Corel Video Studio and ElevenLabs Speech Synthesis

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