EDLD- 5313 Creating Significant Learning Environments

This course challenged me to take a look at My Learning Philosophy as it relates to the 4 primary Learning Theories. The class itself has been a rollercoaster ride of knowledge, self reflection and challenges. The first assignment was my CSLE response where I was tasked to state my position on “play” and “imagination” in the classroom and its significance to not only my innovation plan, but also creating a new culture of learning.

Probably the most compelling assignments were the 3 Column Table and the UbD design templates. These will prove very beneficial as I continue to learn and build my innovation plan strategies. They both help in designing effective Professional Learning with significant learning environments.

My favorite assignment has to be the reflection and revision of my Growth Mindset plan. I have always tried to teach my students to have a Growth Mindset. Teaching in a very low income neighborhood where my students have very little experience of the world, motivated me to shift their thinking with the power of “YET”.

Overall, this class stands out as the most challenging for me, yet, most influential towards my innovation plan and helping me to create effective and significant learning environments. All the assignments compliment each other so well that it was very engaging, and together, will ensure my success when I move into the implementation of ePortfolios in the classroom.

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