5313- Aligning Outcomes, Assessment and Activities

Learning Outcomes 3 Column Table for course on implementation of ePortfolio Innovation Plan
Unit 1- Teacher Introduction/Development of Their Own ePortfolio

In developing this 3 Column table, I was forced to change the way I was so used to thinking, and beginning with the Big Hairy Audacious Goal. The questions used in this development also really made me think about what I wanted my learners to experience, what was most important. It was a very useful guide in gathering all of the necessary information needed that we sometimes forget. With the 3 Column Table, it’s all there laid out for you. Too often we rush to create lessons without fully thinking about all the extremely important components for learning. This assignment will help me develop more effective sessions to implement my ePortfolios. It’s really exciting knowing that I have my plan for Phase I of the Implementation of ePortfolios, and that I can reflect on this to develop the 3 Column Table for my second phase. If I follow this plan, I will effectively connect the learning activities to my assessments, creating a significant learning environment where learners are successful.

In my 3 Column Table, I describe a primitive rubric. This rubric will be created by each individual grade level so that it is specific to their discipline and criteria that they want to set. This will be done when exploring a variety of examples and discussion on what makes a good ePortfolio.

This 3 Column Table was developed using the “Questions for Formulating Significant Learning Goals” and “Learning Environment & Situational Factors To Consider” worksheets adopted from L. Dee Fink’s book, Creating Significant Learning Experiences: An Integrated Approach to Designing College Courses (Fink, 2003).

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