4DX Strategy

4DX Strategy: Implementing ePortfolios

The workload of an educator after the pandemic is busier than ever before. Trying to keep up with the “whirlwind” while also seeking to implement change seems almost impossible. The 4 Disciplines of Execution refers to the “whirlwind” as, in our case, the intense amount of energy it takes to keep our school at our current level of performance, keeping everything running on a day to day basis. The 4 Disciplines of Execution, or 4DX, is a strategy that we can use to integrate the goals for change we seek, while in the middle of the “whirlwind”. We will use this strategy and its components to help us execute our own successful integration of ePortfolios on our campus. Using the Innovation Plan and Implementation Outline, I have developed, together, we will gather our knowledge, ideas and input to move towards our end goal and creating a school that leads the way towards exciting change in our district.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) As It Applies To Us

#1 Focus On The Wildly Important Goals (WIG)
For our campus, our wildly important goal will be the successful implementation of ePortfolios into all 4th and 5th grade classrooms with 100% student participation. This goal will allow our campus and school community to become familiar with what ePortfolios are, how they can be utilized, and how they will open doors for our students to become successful learners and leaders. Discipline 1 states we should focus on 1-3 WIGs in order to put all of our effort into clear paths for success. Too many WIGS and we may lose focus, lose momentum, and lead to some failure in 1 or maybe even all goals. So, putting all our focus on the one goal, working together to implement the goal and following the strategy will help us in being successful.

#2 Act On The Lead Measures
We will measure our progress using LAG measures and LEAD measures. A LAG measure is where we want to arrive at or our destination, which is 100% of students in 4th and 5th grade will utilize ePortfolios in 6 months. The LEAD measures are the actions that help us get to our goal. Our LEADs will be weekly meetings for teachers to come together to review and collaborate on resources, lesson implementations, projects and more that will guide teachers to building the skills our students need to become successful in their innovative ePortfolios. We will also create monthly teacher surveys that will be sent out to allow for feedback, and gather important data in regards to achieving our targets, helping us gauge our success in moving forward.

#3 Keep A Compelling Scoreboard
This discipline is all about engaging everyone in the end goal. For our campus, we will share ideas and innovations in our weekly teacher newsletter so that everyone sees what everyone else is doing, spark new ideas, and give inspiration. We will also use actual charts in the 4th and 5th grade hallways charting the entire grade level’s path to 100% successful implementation. Each grade level will have a displayed bar graph with a bar for each classroom and moves up based on reaching the targets set by the leadership team. We will also choose extra special, innovative ePortfolios to feature at our family nights. These all allow our team members to see if they are WINNING or LOSING. It would also give opportunities for growth as well as accountability.

#4 Create A Cadence Of Accountability
The last discipline is vital for our team to engage and determine what will drive our accountability. We will hold consistent short, but meaningful meetings on a weekly basis for teachers to review accomplishments, update the scoreboard, and discuss new targets to lead us to our WIG. It will also allow us to discuss what worked, what didn’t and how we can overcome these challenges. These meetings will be very supportive, uplifting, and motivational while giving teachers ownership and also reminding them of the WIG.

Helping Us With Change

Within this plan, using the 4 Disciplines of Execution, we will also follow the 5 stages of Change. These 5 stages will guide us on our path to the exciting journey for change we are about to embark on.

Stage #1: Getting Clear
This stage lays the foundation for our entire plan. Together we will commit to our “Wildly Important Goal”. We will also discuss and determine our LAG and LEAD measures. We’ll develop our scoreboards and discuss accountability and setup a schedule for weekly WIG meeting, times and days.

Stage #2: Launch
To motivate everyone and start this exciting venture on the right foot, we will have a KICKOFF meeting/celebration. At this critical stage, I will be fully engaged and involved in the process, leading by example, focusing my energy on building confidence and trust in all team members, as well as identify those that are not fully “in it to win it”. Communication will also be essential between me and the leadership team as well as all involved.

Stage #3: Adoption
This stage is where we start seeing our plan at work and begin seeing success. We will continue to motivate and encourage each other as well as maintain accountability. We will start to chart our success on the scoreboard so that we can start seeing the growth we are making towards reaching our WIG. With the successes becoming evident, we start seeing those that weren’t fully invested, start coming around, giving them support and encouragement. We will stay consistent with our meetings to allow for teachers to collaborate and help remind us to resist the whirlwind that can hinder our momentum.

Stage #4: Optimization
This is an exciting stage in our process. In this stage, we are seeing the many successes and everyone will be engaged in reaching our WIG. We will continue to support and encourage all as well as celebrate the many successes we will see. This time is also the time teachers get comfortable and start becoming creative in their ideas that will push them closer to our WIG. We will encourage the creativity and innovation that will drive us to increased performance and successful integration of ePortfolios.

Stage #5: Habits
The last stage is where it all becomes evident. We see 4DX becoming habit. This is also the time we celebrate our accomplishments and reaching our WIG. This is also the stage where we have achieved our goal, we step up to a new level of expectation at our campus and determine a new WIG to work on to lead us further to even more success.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution and 5 Stages of Change

Using the 4 Disciplines and 5 stages along with the Influencer Strategy I have designed for our campus, we will be able to drive the important change we want to see at our school, putting our students on the path to success for their future. As we follow this plan, we will see how easily it can be to reach our WIG. It will also give us the confidence and understanding to develop new WIGS and reach new heights that will bring even more positive change and raise our level of accountability and expectations for our campus. We will be a school of higher expectations, with that bar continuing to rise as we create new WIGS and develop new strategies.

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