Learning Networks

Learning Networks are so very important not only for students, but just to continue to always learn and grow as a person and in your career. Learning from others, discovering their stories, experiences, and lessons can be very impactful. I’ve been a part of many learning networks over the years. I think a huge resource I’ve been participating in for many years is Facebook and the many learning networks available at your fingertips on your phone. I am a part of several Facebook groups that allow me the opportunity to connect with people from around the world, share ideas, concerns, media and files, and so much more. 

-These learning networks allow me to connect with fine arts teachers. In these groups, lessons are shared, resources, photos of activities that worked and those that didn’t, games, and more. The groups are setup in a way that gives everyone freedom to post without the fear of being wrong. They are uplifting, inspiring, help teach and provide important input and feedback. The learning I gain from these groups, I’m able to share with the fine arts teachers that I lead.

Facebook: Elementary Art Teachers 
Facebook: Art Teacher Resources
Facebook: Costuming For Everyone
Facebook: Broadway Jr, G2K, YPE, Teachers and Director’s Group
Facebook: Drama Teachers Hub
Facebook: Theatre K-8
Facebook: Texas Art Teachers
Facebook: Google Classroom For Music Teachers

In our district, we also have created an elementary fine arts teachers learning network. We meet monthly, discuss issues happening in the classroom, share new lessons, and even present a few lessons a month to take back to their own classrooms. The learning isn’t limited to our monthly meetings. We also have a text thread where we share and discuss daily with the group. This has had a huge impact on creating better experiences in the arts for our students. 

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