Learning Networks

I don’t think teachers know just how many learning communities are out there that they can be a part of to help them be more successful. One resource I use all the time is Facebook Groups. I am a part of several fine arts groups that allow me to gain a wealth of knowledge from teachers all over the world. In these groups, teachers share innovative lessons, have the chance to ask others questions and get diverse answers, and connect with teachers that can inspire and provide new learning opportunities. What I really love about Facebook Groups is that you can find just the right group for you, zeroed in on specific subjects, grade levels, etc. then have the teachers in the same boat, learning and sharing in that targeted area. When I was in the classroom, I used these groups often to try new lessons from teachers and was able to ask questions and get feedback about setbacks or issues. Now, I’m able to continue participating in these groups, but gathering resources, ideas and knowledge to share with the teachers I lead. They are very beneficial in helping create the best experiences for our students in our district. If you are not a part of a Facebook group, join one today and see the possibilities.

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