Becoming an Educational Influencer

It’s pretty exciting seeing things I’ve thought of, go from paper, to implementation. Since I started in my new position, I’ve only just begun to bring new ideas and experiences to the schools I serve. Things that I used to use in my own classroom, or that I thought would be perfect to expand, I now seeing taking shape. My first influential move is bringing theatre education to our elementary schools. The first phase began with 3 schools, and now expanded to 5 schools integrating theatre into their students’ fine arts experiences. With the knowledge, strategies and skills I learned with creating my own elementary theatre program, I’ve been able to help others build their own programs, which have in turn spawned excitement with other campuses. Using things I’ve learned within my classes in the graduate program I’m in, I’ve been able to bring some positive change to almost half of the schools I serve. As I continue, my ultimate goal will be extending the programs to every elementary school in our district. I am also actively working with a digital learning department in my district to bring my innovation project, implementation of ePortfolios, into fruition at our School of the Arts.

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