Fine Arts For ALL

I’m always looking for new experiences to expose our students to. Today, we gave 3 schools the opportunity to participate in a performance by a local string quartet. I didn’t know how our students would react. Would they like it? Hate it? They LOVED it! For almost an hour, students were enthralled, mouths open wide with awe and excitement. My arts driven heart was bursting with pride. Most of our students get little to no arts experiences at home. It’s up to us to give them these unique and memorable experiences that will live with them forever. Last month, we exposed almost 2000 students to a performance by the San Antonio Philharmonic. I’m also working with several schools on a theatrical production for elementary students and have been rehearsing for another one with students with special needs. I am thankful for the move into this new position because I’m able to expand what I was doing at my school and am able to give all our students in our district the same types of opportunities. It’s something I never stop thinking about. What more can we do? What can we expose our students to? Whatever it takes to give them once in a lifetime experiences. It’s not something we should do, it’s something we MUST do. They deserve it.

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