Help Them Find Their Place

A lot has happened since the end of the last school year. I left my teaching position at a school I was at for 18 years and moved into a higher position at the district level, moving from being a fine arts teacher, to overseeing all 11 elementary fine arts teachers, and more. I am also the director of a special needs theatrical production that will produce its first show at the end of January. Things are moving so fast right now and it’s almost impossible to keep up. But, what makes this all worth it are the experiences I’m supporting at the schools that will inspire and motivate students to reach higher and “go for the gold”. Through the years, I’ve noticed kids, little by little, have lost their drive and willingness to try new things, and with the pandemic, it got even worse. Giving them unique opportunities to use their imagination and creativity will open them up to more. Doing theatre with students for 19 years now, I have seen that it can really make a difference with just about any student, not just those interested in theatre. I have found a place for every kid that may need a chance to shine, may need a place to belong, from the kid that can belt out showtunes to the kid that gets kicked out of class. As teachers, we sometimes forget that they are JUST KIDS. We have the opportunity to change their lives, either for the better or bad. Remember, they may have gone through some unbelievable experiences, seen some unimaginable things, show them you truly care about them and their well being. Show them you are human too, you make mistakes, you don’t know it all.

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