Moving My Cheese

If you’ve read the book, “Who Moved my Cheese?” you understand that sometimes our cheese NEEDS to be moved. I think, as a teacher, we need our “cheese” moved every so often to help us be more creative, more innovative and change with our students. As I begin my road through my graduate work, I purposefully chose a digital learning program because it was something that I knew about, maybe dabbled in a bit, especially during Covid, but didn’t have a fully functional model I could say, “Yes, I do that!” In the short weeks that I’ve been in class, I’ve learned that there is a huge gap in the way we are teaching and that we are needing to catch up, and fast! Education hasn’t changed much since I attended public school, but the world around us has, technology has. Yes, we can say we offer the use of iPads and Chromebooks in our classrooms, but HOW are we using them to their fullest potentional? Too many times I see teachers putting kids onto program websites that are supposed to be the “magic pill” to get them to understand the content. These websites are monitored by administrators and leads on campus to make sure you’re using them for “X” amount of minutes a week. The websites go through lessons, whether content was taught or not by the teacher, kids that are able to figure out the knowledge, will pass. I see all of these kids just flying through, guessing the answers but not really understanding any of it, or why. This graduate program will give me the keys to implementing the correct way to engross our students into the digital world, and I’m so excited to see how it’ll help inspire our students to reach for those dreams!

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